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01. What is the India Is Global Video Challenge 2014?

02. Who is the India Is Global Video Challenge open to?

03. Why should I submit to the India Is Global Video Challenge 2014?

04. Do I need a YouTube/Google+ account to participate?

05. How do I enter?

06. Do I have to submit a video for all three themes?

07. Must I use a particular camera type only?

08. What language must my film be in?

09. Can I submit videos taken outside of India?

10. How do I submit a video?

11. What is the maximum length my video can be?

12. What format and size should my videos be?

13. What will my video be judged on?

14. What are the key dates of the competition?

15. What are the prizes available to the selected winners?

16. How are the winners selected?

17. What about the copyrights of my videos?

18. What may cause my disqualification?

19. My video has already been featured in other film festivals or contests, can I still enter?

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